We were so excited to see Iceland in spring! We were definitely not expecting to see so much snow!

The thing about Iceland is that it never seizes to amaze me. The irregular weather mood swings make for a great canvas for photography. Not so much for driving on the icy roads but to me it is always worth it.

Even more so when the couple you’re photographing is so incredible that does not say no to hikes, hidden caves and a very snowy Vik.

Alina and Thorvardur along with their gorgeous dog Starsky were breathtaking. Giving all the 50ies vibe during the photoshoot, I was so happy to capture effortlessly their moments.

And while the first half of our shoot was sunny and all about spring colors, the next part -though the same day- was rainy and snowy. But then again, that’s Iceland isn’t it?

I do remember not being able to feel my hands and fingers after we were done, and having Iren take the camera off my hands so as not to just drop it. And this memory makes feel even more amazed by Alina and Thorvardur as they were absolutely stunning in these conditions.

So yeah,  I guess the best thing about Iceland is the adventurous souls we get to meet.

Here’s to them!

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