Trying to find the words to describe the concrete jungle and the story behind this photoshoot while avoiding a Woody Allenesque prose is hard. How do you describe Manhattan in a way that is not melancholically romantic?

Perhaps I should focus on the stroke of good luck we had as it was purely coincidental to meet Tommy and Jonathan there. While we all had time restraints we managed to meet and shoot in Brooklyn.

All the people walking in their busy rhythm, the tourists enjoying the ever famous Brooklyn bridge, the sounds of the city encompassing its essence were the perfect background for Tommy and Jonathan’s mini, surprise pre wedding.

Brooklyn’s vibe and architecture allowed us all to relax and capture the stroll on the streets and the wonderful Manhattan views, the laughs and giggles of our lovely couple.

And as August is here now, and we have about two weeks or so left for their epic, upcoming wedding in Mykonos, we hope you’ll enjoy this winsome story before they “break” the Island of the Winds on the 19th..


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