It’s very hard to use words to describe this photoshoot.


Elena and Manolis got married in a hot September day in Greece and decided to have their day after shoot in Iceland. In November.


While I did my best to warn them about the weather and the conditions awaiting us all there, I don’t think any of us was ready for the windy days that laid ahead.

Don’t get me wrong, Manolis is a marathon runner and his gorgeous wife is as fit as a fiddle but still I was a bit worried cause they’d have to do the deeds in wedding attire. And while the first day was a bit tough on them as the walk to the plane wreck was bringing down all its glory on us they powered through and we had some great images there.

However, the second day was the one that we all will remember.

Waking up to a yellow alert, we knew we had to be careful. But just how much careful we didn’t actually know.

The wind was 21mph that day and Elena could barely walk but still both her and Manolis were total troopers.

On that day we almost lost a car door due to the wind but it was kinda worth it since the photographs were truly incredible.

Yet, what my time with Elena and Manolis in Iceland taught me was that not only you should respect Iceland, you also need to never overestimate what you know about it.

    Day two..

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