Road trip? Check.
House on wheels? Check.
Baby on board? Check.

I could stop right there and let you browse the pictures and you would need no more to realise that Michael, Veronique and baby Lenox are the definition of adventure.

But I won’t.

Cause I just wanna share so much about this amazing family! Before we met to start shooting their elopement, Michael and Veronique took Lenox on a road trip circling Iceland. At our meeting point, Hofn, I was kinda expecting them to be tired but they proved me wrong as they were ready for it all.

Lenox proved that he inherited the adventure gene from his awesome parents as he was a trooper  for the whole three days I was with them. He was patiently waiting for his mom and dad to climb the caves, walk the lava fields and endure the Icelandic winds.

Michael and Veronique, already veterans in adventure traveling were more than ready for anything I had in mind. That’s the other amazing thing about Iceland. It’s not for the lighthearted so you’re bound to meet people who are likeminded and ready to enjoy the adventure to the fullest.

When in Iceland you have to drive a lot. Sometimes, – most times- it’s kinda boring. But with Michael and Veronique even the drive and the stops were part of the story.

Ok, enough with the words. Here’s what we got to do in Iceland.  

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